About Us

We are the Christmas community online. We are just regular folks. We are webmasters, writers, graphic artists, social media freaks and computer geeks.

We are also school teachers, bus drivers, servers, clerks, policemen, nurses, and salesmen. We are stay-at-home-Moms and full-time Dads, we are clergy and landscapers and truck drivers and musicians. We are just people who share the love of Christmas in common.

We come together each season – and have been doing so for years – to make Christmas a little better for people and families in need. At the end of the day, they are folks just like us and we try to lift their spirits by bringing them a little Christmas.

It might be just some groceries. Or maybe we’ll pay off a light bill. Perhaps we’ll find them a Christmas tree or a few gifts for the kids.

Sometimes the needs are large, such as medical issues that they need help with. Once we helped a little boy get a van that could take him in his wheelchair to school. Another year we helped another sick child recover from a surgery and a family that had been severely burned in a fire.

We have set up shop-with-a-cop days for kids without parents. We have sponsored work parties for disaster clean up. We sometimes find programs to sponsor in senior facilities and we partner with churches and service groups to help feed communities at Christmastime and other times of the year.

It is not always about money. We connect people to resources, we help others to find others who can help in special situations.

We use our collective power of community to share ideas, connections and resources to just give anonymously.

We work to spread the truer meaning of Christmas online through a host of connected websites dedicated to the Christmas ideals of “peace on Earth, and to all men, goodwill”.

Nobody makes money at this. We are, at the end of the day, just regular folks, with jobs and mortgages and obligations and aches and pains, like anyone.

But we are people filled with the light of Christmas and the joy of giving because we give together anonymously.